Back Hall (Functional Design)
Banquette detail
Bedroom Hall Detail.JPG
Carpet shaping with grasscloth.JPG
Master Bedroom ceiling
Functional Design details
Bedroom Hall East.JPG
Bedroom Hall millwork.JPG
Bedroom Hall Soffit.JPG
Bedroom Hall straight.JPG
Blade sign detail progress.JPG
Bedroom Hall.JPG
Card and book display.png
Carpet detail.JPG
Carpet shaping.png
Claremont Stables Timber.png
Daughter's Bathroom tile & wallpaper detail.JPG
Daughter's Nursery.jpg
Daughter's window seat detail and bookcase.jpg
Daughter's window seat with curtain.jpg
Dennis Entry Ceiling_01.jpg
Dennis Entry Ceiling_02.JPG
detail uws_01.png
Dining chair finishes detail.JPG
Dining chair finishes.JPG
Dining Room alcove.JPG
Dining Room cabinet detail.JPG
Dining Room rug detail.JPG
Dining Room South with peninsula.png
Dining Room South.png
Dining Room.JPG
Dining Room.png
Door detail with inset carpet.JPG
Door frame and hardware.png
Door hardware.png
Dressing Room detail with vanity.JPG
Dressing Room doors base detail.jpg
Dressing Room doors fretwork and curtain detail.jpg
Dressing Room doors fretwork detail.jpg
Dressing Room doors.jpg
Dressing Room Entry.JPG
East wall looking North.png
Entry Bedroom Hall corner.JPG
Entry looking North.JPG
Entry millwork.png
Flipper bookcase.png
Floor finish & furniture detail.png
Floor finish drafting_01.jpg
Floor finish_01.JPG
Floor finish_02.JPG
Floor paint detail.jpg
French door detail  corner.JPG
French door detail base.JPG
French door detail rout.JPG
Gallery Base Detail Conference Room.jpg
Gallery base detail Library.jpg
Glass balcony from below.JPG
Guest Bedroom slice.JPG
Guest Bedroom.png
Hanging display frieze detail.png
Headboard Detail.png
High base with wallpaper.jpg
Inset porcelain with niche.png
Kitchen cabinet installation.JPG
Kitchen Island with stone inlay.JPG
Kitchen refrigetator detail.png
Kitchen Stair.JPG
Kitchen stone detail close-up.png
Kitchen wallpaper panel.png
Kitchen with glazed brick column.png
Leaded glass door detail.JPG
Liben Breakfast Room Millwork Detail at Window.jpg
Living Room bookcase top.JPG
Living Room bookcase.JPG
Living Room gallery ledge detail.png
Living Room gallery ledge.JPG
Living Room looking East.JPG
Living Room media ledge.JPG
Living Room millwork install detail.jpg
Living Room millwork install low cabinet.jpg
Living Room millwork install tall cabinet.jpg
Living Room Northeast.png
Living Room toward Bedroom Hall.JPG
Long elevation.png
Master Bath cabinet with rope molding.JPG
Master Bath color proof.JPG
Master Bath Glass Tile Install.JPG
Master Bath shower.png
Master Bath sliding door at sidelite.jpg
Master Bath sliding door.jpg
Master Bath tile detail.JPG
Master Bath Tub.png
Master Bath Vanity detail.jpg
Master Bath Vanity.jpg
Master Bath with quartz counter detail.jpg
Master Bath with quartz counter.jpg
Master Bedroom Curtains.jpg
Master Bedroom East.png
Master Bedroom looking toward bath.jpg
Master Bedroom looking toward Dressing Room.JPG
Master Bedroom West.png
Mud-in light fixtures.jpg
Nelson bench with cushion.JPG
Nursery vanity.jpg
Office paint break with line.png
Painred disc.JPG
Painted letters and disc.JPG
Paneling detail with wallpaper.JPG
Paneling with wallpaper.JPG
Panelized Mural.JPG
Pivot door corner detail.png
Pivot door edge detail.png
Plaster ceiling relief.png
Refrigerator enclosure corner detail.png
Rhodoid sconce detail.png
Room Detail.png
Sam's Bedroom rug detail.jpg
sfc detail.png
Shiny happy ceiling slice.png
Shiny happy ceiling.jpg
Sign Installed.JPG
Sitting Room Bath.jpg
Sitting Room looking towards Library.jpg
Sitting Room Rug.jpg
Skim coating North.jpg
Skim coating South.jpg
Stair from Bedroom.JPG
Stair Plaster down.JPG
Stair Plaster up.JPG
Stair to basement.JPG
Table & child.png
Table Card.JPG
Table detail.png
Table Model.jpg
Table model.png
Tile Materials.JPG
Toy Display.png
Tray ceiling detail with Greek key.JPG
Tray ceiling with wallpaper.JPG
Unfinished waterjet cut letters.JPG
Unpainted disc on pins.JPG
Unpainted letters and sets on pins.JPG
Unpainted letters on pins.JPG
Wall hanging detail.JPG
Wall niche.jpg
Walnut floor herringbone with border and high base.JPG
Walnut floor herringbone with border.JPG
Walnut floor with high base.JPG
West window with shiny door.jpg
Wind foil.png
Window seat detail.png
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